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Wisconsin DMV to Facilitate Donations to Fake Women’s Clinics

Choose Life Wisconsin was given the go-ahead to receive donations via "Choose life” license plates sold at the Department of Motor Vehicles. These donations will support crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) which attempt to coerce women into continuing unwanted pregnancies.

A similar program in Ohio has brought in an extra $650 million in revenue for anti-choice groups.

Crisis pregnancy centers are run by anti-choice ("pro-life”) groups and are designed to be easily mistaken for real reproductive health clinics. An investigation by NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin conducted in 2012 found that there were at least 79 CPCs operating in the state. In 2016, there are only three abortion clinics remaining.

"Crisis pregnancy centers do real social harm in Wisconsin,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin executive director Eliza Cussen. "They operate solely to mislead women who are seeking health care and use a moment of vulnerability to push an extremist agenda.”

"The Transportation Committee’s decision to allow the use of public resources for Choose Life Wisconsin’s fundraising is heinous. Abortion remains a constitutional right in the United States, and encouraging Choose Life Wisconsin’s agenda does nothing more than infringe on this right and put women at risk.”

Since the Republican takeover of the Capitol in 2010, the Wisconsin State Legislature has stripped Planned Parenthood of its funding and redirected Federal funding away from any reproductive health clinic that refers patients to abortion providers.

"What pregnant women need is unbiased, evidence based information on all the options available to them. Choose Life licence plates will instead fund misinformation and manipulation.”

Having control over whether or not to remain pregnant is crucial to a woman’s wellbeing.

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin is exploring avenues to appeal the Transportation Committee’s decision.

"We’re also looking into getting our own "Trust Women” license plate to give thousands of pro-choice Wisconsinites an opportunity to show their support for women’s rights,” said Cussen.


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