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NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Celebrates Passage of Dane County Ordinance to Ensure Accurate, Unbiased Reproductive Health Care & Counseling

MADISON — NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin applauds the Dane County Board’s adoption of a first-of-its-kind ordinance that ensures the county will only contract with or refer to reproductive-health centers that provide non-directive, comprehensive, and medically accurate information.

 "We are thrilled Dane County has taken steps to ensure it does not direct women to facilities that are biased or misleading,” said NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Board Chair Greg Packnett. "This ordinance is an important step toward ensuring residents have accurate information so that they can make fully informed decisions about this very personal issue.” 

This ordinance is especially pertinent because in 2012, an investigation into facilities called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) revealed a disturbing pattern of deceptive and misleading practices—of the CPCs visited, 100 percent were providing women with false or inaccurate medical information.  "This is a win for women,” said Megin McDonell, chair of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Foundation’s board. "Given the alarming practices we uncovered in our investigation of CPCs, we knew it was critical to not only increase public awareness of their deceptive tactics, but also to urge local communities to set policies that will ensure women aren’t referred to facilities that engage in these practices. Dane County’s new policy is an important step in empowering women with accurate information about their reproductive-health options.”

The 2012 investigation found that many CPCs in Wisconsin, which often pose as comprehensive health-care providers, use misleading and deceptive tactics to manipulate women facing unintended pregnancies and provide false and inaccurate medical information about abortion and emergency contraception in order to block them from considering abortion and birth control as an option. For more information about CPCs in Wisconsin, please visit



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