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CPCs Exposed: The Truth About Deception at Wisconsin Crisis Pregnancy Centers

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Foundation (NPCW Foundation) has conducted an investigation of so-called "crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) in Wisconsin. Read our full report to see the facts about Wisconsin CPCs troubling practices.

This report synthesizes the results of that investigation and provides a picture of the false and misleading practices which are, unfortunately, prevalent at Wisconsin CPCs and highlights the need to inform Wisconsin women of the limitation of the services provided by CPCs, as well as the need for policies to curtail the most harmful practices.

The widespread practice of providing false and misleading information and using high pressure, scare tactics to pressure and coerce women facing an unintended pregnancy is a public health issue. Women should be presented with accurate and unbiased information about their reproductive health options and, women seeking options counseling should know whether a clinic provides comprehensive, all-options counseling, including referrals for abortion services, or dissuades women from seeking an abortion.

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