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Current Laws


Wisconsin receives a D+ (down from last year's C-) from NARAL Pro-Choice America in its annual state-by-state review of abortion and reproductive rights. These laws create barriers to abortion in Wisconsin and disproportionately affect low-income, rural and young women. Wisconsin is ranked 23rd nationally by NARAL Pro-Choice America—behind Minnesota and Iowa.

Anti-Choice Laws

Abortion Ban
As of 2015, it is unlawful to provide or receive an abortion in Wisconsin after 19 weeks gestation unless it is a medical emergency in which the woman's life is at stake. Doctors who perform abortions past this time in non-emergent situations face a Class  1 felony.

Biased Counseling and Mandatory Delay
Wisconsin law subjects women seeking abortions to biased counseling requirements and a 24 hour mandatory delay.

Counseling Ban and Gag Rule
Wisconsin's counseling ban, also known as "gag rule,"prohibits organizations that receive state and federal funds from counseling or referring women for abortion services, prevent doctors from treating their patients responsibly, and severely limit women's ability to make informed decisions.

Refusal to Provide Medical Services
Wisconsin allows hospitals, physicians and other individuals associated with, employed by or on the staff of a hospital to refuse to provide abortion services and sterilization. Wisconsin allows state employees to refuse to provide family planning and birth control services.

Restrictions on Low-Income Women’s Access to Abortion
Wisconsin law restricts low-income women's access to abortion by prohibiting public funding for abortion for women eligible for state medical assistance for general health care.

Restrictions on Young Women’s Access to Abortion
Wisconsin law restricts young women's access to abortion by requiring the consent of one parent or adult family member.

Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP)
Wisconsin imposes a variety of burdensome requirements on abortion providers that are not imposed on other health care providers.

Pro-Choice Laws

Greater Access to Emergency Contraception
Wisconsin's Compassionate Care for Rape Victims Law requires emergency rooms to provide rape victims with information about and access to emergency contraception.

Contraceptive Equity
Wisconsin law requires health-insurance plans that cover prescription medication and employers that provide insurance coverage for prescription medication to provide the same coverage for contraception.

Low-Income Women's Access to Family Planning
Wisconsin provides certain low-income women coverage for Medicaid-funded reproductive health care services through the Medicaid Family Planning Waiver.

Protection from Clinic Violence
Wisconsin law protects women seeking reproductive health care and medical personnel from blockades and violence.

Prescription Protection
Wisconsin law guarantees that women's birth-control prescriptions will be filled by requiring pharmacies to always have someone on staff who will dispense birth control prescriptions.

Other Related Laws

Post-Viability Abortion Restrictions
Wisconsin restricts post-viability abortions.

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