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Things You Can Do

Support our political advocacy! Contribute to NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin or give to pro-choice candidates through our PAC or conduit.

Stay informed! Sign up for our Choice Action Network. Receive up-to-the-minute pro-choice e-newsletters!

Become a Fan of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin on Facebook! Join us on Facebook and get access to exclusive updates and discussions that keep you informed and let you show your support.

Follow us on Twitter and receive up to the minute news and updates from NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin!

Share your story! Sharing our stories inspires us to continue fighting for our rights and reminds us what - and who - we're fighting for. If you have a personal experience with abortion, family planning, contraception, sex education, or other issues of reproductive freedom, we'd love to hear your story and find out why these issues are so important to you.

Join the Choice Lobby Network! Become a member of the new network of advocates and "long-distance lobbyists" throughout the state who participate in the legislative process by lobbying their representatives from home.

100 Ways to Fight For Choice! Looking for a way to protect reproductive rights? Look no further!

Write a Letter to the Editor! Letters to the editor (LTEs) of local papers are a great way to show support for pro-choice issues and to educate people about pro-choice positions. Elected officials read LTEs to determine where people in their district stand on issues. We need volunteers who are willing to write and submit these letters. Join our letter writing team, and we will send you sample letters and information on how to submit letters to your local paper.

Contact your Elected Officials! Write, email or call your elected officials to encourage them to vote for pro-choice legislation and against anti-choice legislation.

Host a House Party! Get down for choice! No matter where you live or who you know, hosting a house party for choice is a fun and easy way to make a difference and energize people. Throw a house party or ask a local restaurant or bar to host a gathering. NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin will provide materials, support, or even a guest speaker to ensure a successful event!

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